Appendix A is an extensive Glossary of Terms, acronyms and abbreviations that protection specialists will likely encounter during the course of their employment.

Appendix B; “White House Security Review”, explains a practical methodology for security assessment but also illustrates the type of precursor event that can predicate such an in-depth analysis and the scope of work required in such an undertaking. Remember that the higher the profile of the Protectee, the more attention will be focused on your work.

Appendix C is a collection of commonly found checklists that the reader can modify for their own use as appropriate. Regardless of how many years we spend in this business or how many routes and venues we advance, it is always helpful for us to have some sort of guide to ensure that we have not overlooked something.

Appendix D is a bibliography of material relating to the field of dignitary and executive protection. Regardless of the age of the material, many of the tried and true observations remain valid to this day and have helped us to shape our protection programs.

Appendix E is a copy of State v. Hessler (90 Ohio St.3d 108, 2000-Ohio-30) which provides a comprehensive review of a case of targeted violence including background on the perpetrator and his relationship with his victims. For protection personnel involved in threat assessments this will afford a rare glimpse into the violence process and resultant effects.

Appendix F is a congressional executive summary explaining the formation of the National Special Security Events (NSSE) designation. Protection personnel working key special events that are specified as NSSE should be familiar with this act.